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Leading The Way With Care and Compassion

Anvayaa Care
Prashanth Reddy, Founder

Our Founder Prashanth Reddy

Anvayaa is the creation of Mr. Prashanth Reddy. He has more than twenty years of experience in fields that include Information Technology, market research, and telecom verticals. He founded Anvayaa in the year 2016 to ensure the well-being of the elderly. Anvayaa was born from his experience of staying away from his ageing parents. His strong leadership skills enable him to spearhead Anvayaa with love and integrity.

Deepika Reddy, Director

Our Director Deepika Reddy

Deepika Reddy is a MBA graduate & certified financial analyst from ICFAI, with 15 years of experience in General Insurance. She has worked in Health Care, Property and other general insurance verticals as Senior underwriter. She has led the Underwriting teams for AP & Telangana in her previous organisation. With the zeal to support senior citizens her expertise as a senior team manager Ms Deepika Redy brings in unparalleled dedication in changing the face of Senior Care in India.

Anvayaa Managing Team

Prashanth Patkar

Gaddi Prashanth Patkar

Prashanth comes with over 8+ years of cross-industry experience in IT Strategy, Operations, Sales, Project delivery management and Quality Assurance of large scale off-shore Projects. He is a postgraduate from Swinburne University of Technology- Australia.

Areas of Expertise: Customer Relationship Management, Strategy Planning and Executions, Process Management, Vendor Relationship Management, Quality Assurance, People Management, Business Development , in-depth understanding of Marketing and Customer Management practice and process.

A quick learner and self starter - with a belief of creating an environment that encourages innovation. Strongly driven by process. Worked in the markets of USA/Australia/India.

Tripti Singh Balaji

Tripti Singh Balaji

Tripti is a Certified Learning & Development Manager, Certified Psychometric Analysis Professional,Certified Life Coach and a Certified Master Trainer with over fifteen years of experience in various industries primarily centred around Customer Service. She heads the Customer Experience team at Anvayaa.

With her vast experience in closely interacting with both domestic and international customers, Tripti passionately believes in the Anvayaa concept of making our precious elders experience the Peace, Joy,Dignity and Affection that they rightly deserve.

Our Advisors

We have veterans from various industries as our advisors. They bring forward their life experiences that help not only in building our organisation, but also in improving our services for our customers.

Shakti Sagar

Shakti Sagar

Shakti Sagar is among the founding leaders of Hyderabad’s IT industry. He has been part of many start-ups since the 1970’s. Every company he has been involved in has benefitted immensely from his immense knowledge and experience.

CS Gopinath

CS Gopinath

CS Gopinath is an expert in retail banking with forty-four years of experience. He understands the intricacies of the market and has been instrumental in leading many companies to growth and profit.

Rajan Mahendra

Rajan Mahendra

Rajan Mahendra is the founder and director of He has helped over 13000 individuals in reversing around 55 lifestyle diseases through food and counselling and has been Worked with global corporations and Indian companies offering business consulting in various domains and function.