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Other Care

There could be a contingency and you cannot come to their aid when required. You may often wish that there was someone to fill in your shoes to take care of all the specific needs of your parents. Anvayaa ensures complete professional care management for your parents’ requirements in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai. These requirements may also include property management, legal services and any other liaison including visa, travel, foreign exchange etc.

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Personal Time With Care Managers

Every parent has unique requirements. We understand individual needs and create customised plans that suit your parents’ requirements.

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Property Management Assistance

Our Care Managers also take care of comprehensive property management for NRIs services such as rent collection, property inspection, rental property management, etc. and ensure that you and your parents stay well informed about the task at hand.

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Visa, Passport, Ticketing

If your parents need to travel to any other location, they might require assistance with visa, passport, and tickets. Our Care Managers are well-equipped to address all their traveling needs.

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Arranging Religious Needs

The Spiritual and religious needs of your parents are also taken care of by arranging pandits and pooja services at their house.

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Literature Care

Reading is a leisurely habit and our Care Managers ensure that your parents’ request for books are satisfied and often facilitate library visits so that they are content with their reading materials.

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Arranging Legal Services

Anvayaa has a well-trained and educated team that could help your parents with any kind of Legal and insurance services. They make sure that your parents’ decision is taken into consideration before every action.

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Arranging Beauty/Grooming Services

Anvayaa has partnered with beauty salons to provide your parents with salon quality treatments right at their door step

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Laundry Services

Our Care Managers make sure that they arrange you the professionals in laundry and cleaning service. They also ensure that the process happens smoothly at both the ends.

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Health & Travel Insurance Services

Troubles can come at any time in your life. Whether your parents’ are at their house or traveling to a tourist place. Our company helps you to be prepared by providing you health and travel insurance services.

Mr & Mrs Adavi Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Our son is the best thing happen to us.
Anvayaa has been very helpful and we are very happy under Anvayaa's Care
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Mr & Mrs Adavi

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Mr Syten Bahadur IT professional - New York City , USA

Anvayaa has always been very prompt, responsive and I couldn't be happier than this.
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Mr Syten Bahadur

IT professional - New York City , USA