Anvayaa Home Healthcare Offering COVID-19 home quarantine packages

COVID is a dreaded word these days that has created a vibe of fear in our minds. This pandemic has baffled the entire world, and nobody knows the solution to this puzzle. Every day the covid cases are on the rise. The spread of this deadly virus is not stopping at all. With Anvayaa, one can take a sigh of relief. Anvayaa has come up with Covid-19 Health Checkup Packages and Home Quarantine treatment and packages to support the people who have been tested positive or who are experiencing symptoms and want to get tested. The entire treatment can happen at the patient’s home right from sample collection to recovery. If the patient is in a critical state, he or she can be hospitalized with the help of our team. We offer 24*7 hospitalization support as well as home health care. We also provide Home Guard Kits.

Sample Collection at doorstep

It is difficult but not impossible to recover from covid. If the symptoms are noted, and corona is detected at an early stage, life can be saved. When a person faces symptoms of the corona, there is an apprehension in his mind. He feels scared to go to a hospital and get tested. Anvayaa has eradicated this stage of going to the hospital with a doubt in mind. An expert from our team will come to your house and collect the sample. This reduces stress to a great extent. 

Home Quarantine Support Package:

Home quarantine means a person remains restricted to a clean and well-ventilated room in his house. The room should have an attached toilet. The person is supposed to take the treatment while staying in the room and stay away from other family members. It is wise to take up home isolation treatment plans. When a covid positive patient is registered with Anvayaa, he is observed by the qualified team and is given medical as well as emotional support. Our people make sure that the patient does not get depressed and has a positive frame of mind. Our team becomes a consistent companion to the patient, thus making the patient feel comfortable sharing his anxiety with us. We partner with our patients in their journey of recovery.

Self-care during home-based corona treatment

  • Have a schedule: If you are tested corona positive, it is not the end of the world. If you have mild symptoms, there is 100% chance that you will be cured. Take enough sleep and follow a routine. Sleep and get up at the same time every day.
  • Regular exercise: Make your body participate in physical movement. This will release positive hormones in your body and help you stay stress-free. If you like to dance, you can practice some of your favourite steps.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Say No to junk food. Eat a balanced diet which will strengthen your immune system to combat the deadly virus.
  • Talk to your friends: We need to maintain a social distance, but talking to friends on the phone need not be stopped. Talk to your best friend and create happy moments.
  • Avoid drinking: Drinking can have severe hazards on your immunity. So do avoid drinking.
  • Avoid reading news on corona: If you read about the corona, it will only increase your stress level and make you more anxious. Try reading topics which interest you like movies, sports or others.
  • Keep yourself busy: Engage yourself with items that you enjoy doing. This will free your mind from the corona.
  • Have a heart: Remember you can combat corona only with a positive frame of mind. Don’t get disheartened that you have been tested corona positive. If you keep your spirits up, corona cannot harm you. You can defeat corona with your positive energy.
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