Our client who only gets to listen “All is well” from his dad since Anvayaa

I am Manoj Sharma, and I stay away from my parents who live by themselves in Hyderabad. I adore my parents more than anything and am concerned more about their health and care. For various business reasons I had to keep traveling frequently and had no time to give my parents attention and care. It was destiny that had brought in the circumstances to stay away from them.

My father, Mr. Suresh, had just gone through multiple surgeries and is undergoing severe health conditions. There were a lot of hospital formalities and regular check-ups to follow for preventing further issues. Continuous visits to the hospital became a mandate, and my mother could not run the everyday task of assisting him there. She was also anxious about his well being. She was very concerned about his health but could not attend to him regularly as she herself is aged. I could not see them in such distress, but my hands were tied. I could have approached my family and friends, but I didn’t want to burden them with the extra responsibility of my parents. They had their chores and commitments to take care of too.  And I am not a person who likes to burden others with my duties.

I was then in a zone where I was ready to give up my career to come back and take care of my parents. I was almost about to give up and then I thought I should give it a try. I looked up on the internet to find a solution and that is when I came across Anvayaa’s website. I called them up to gain more insights into their services and the way they work. Their prompt response really impressed me and made me feel that this would be the same if my parents called them too. A Care Manager was allotted to take care of my parents to give them moral support which is very much needed at their age.  Their companionship is professional and committed firmly to the call. They also provide doctor’s visits to the residence which made my parents stay with ease. My father can now stand, and my mother is tranquil about the whole Anvayaa experience just within a period of six months. They can now travel to me comfortably whenever they want and to my surprise, Anvayaa even assisted my parents for their transport needs. I felt blessed and secured to look at my parents smiling again. “All is well” is what my dad says each time I call him. I feel I have Anvayaa as my shadow looking after them.

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