Top 5 Benefits of Counselling to the Elderly

Aging comes with many challenges that can take a toll on the elderly’s life sooner or later. Many elderly people can suffer from a wide range of mental health issues and still cannot understand or seek help due to their ignorance of that issue.  

Today, counseling is not limited to those struggling with mental health issues, but also to the elderly who feel hopeless and are more concerned with their health. With age, irrespective of the mental health issues your parents face, it is always a good choice to have them go through counseling sessions so that they can lead a stable and peaceful life.  

There might also be times when children may not be available 24*7 to care for their parents, which is when the children can appoint a home caregiver who pays heed to their parents’ problems regularly. Anvayaa, being the pioneer of elder care services, prioritizes your parent’s mental health, come what may. Let us look at diverse ways in which the elderly can benefit from undergoing counseling.  

Positive changes in the routine   

The elderly sometimes finds it difficult to cope up with the new changes in their routine, which can sometimes lead to unorganized daily routines that need to be taken care of. With regular and healthy counseling sessions, your parents can develop the ability to cope with the changes and deal with life more efficiently than before. Counselors not only prescribe or suggest potential changes in daily routines but help them step by step in implementing those changes effectively. Our care managers and care coordinators will support your parents and empathize with them by arranging counseling sessions for them to imbibe positivity within elders.  

Dealing with grief and loss   

Managing the loss of loved ones, friends, or anyone they are close with can be a difficult time for the elders to cope up with and many of the elderly will even hesitate to express their pain to a third person as they think they are a burden to others.   

As grief is long-term, acknowledging and dealing with all the emotions involved is important, which can be done easily with therapists and counselors. Through these sessions, the counselors listen patiently to the elderly and get a chance to assess their mental condition, thus helping your parents will feel at ease and help them deal with the loss effectively. Counseling sessions thus help the elderly process the loss as they experience it.   

Accepting health diagnosis   

With age, most elderly will also have difficulty accepting their new health diagnosis, if any. They can even deny going to doctor checkups, taking medicines and following health care tips they need to follow. Denying the diagnosis can lead to numerous problems in the long run if your parents are not ready to undergo the line of treatment suggested. Therapy and counseling can be a boon in disguise, helping the elderly develop coping mechanisms and adaptability to the new diagnosis.  

A sudden diagnosis can take an emotional toll on your parents, which can be managed and processed well with the help of counseling. Counseling also helps your elderly ask for help rather than bottling up the emotions they are going through for various reasons. Our dedicated care manager will be with your parents throughout their counseling sessions and check with them weekly once to see if they are doing alright.   

Strengthening the cognitive ability   

Not all elderly suffers from cognitive decline, but the elderly with less cognitive ability or have Alzheimer’s or Dementia need to approach counseling to improve their brain activity and cognitive function to carry out their day-to-day activities without difficulty. With therapy, your parents can get involved in conversations that can help them a lot in language processing. Also, the exercises and different cognitive activities prescribed by the counselors can greatly help your parents develop a positive impact on their mental health. With Anvayaa’s 360-degree mobile application, your elderly can now engage in various Dementia friendly activities and activities that improve cognitive ability of the elderly with each day to come.   

Resolving past issues   

Past issues can severely affect your parent’s mental health, and many a time, they might not be able to express the same with you or anyone for that matter. As a result, the trauma or the impact they are facing with the past incidents gets accumulated in their parents’ minds. Taking your parents to counseling or therapy can be a great approach as the counselors will sit with your parents, pay attention to every detail your parents say and feel and provide the therapy with extreme patience and understanding. This helps your parents get out of the trauma, process their emotions, and free their minds of negativity and past impressions. With Anvayaa, your parent’s mental health is safe at all costs, as we are a network of proxy kids to take care of your parents while you are away.   


Mental health is as vital as physical health. Having a sound mind and body can help your parents as they age to carry out their activities easily and interact with people around them without having to think twice about it. Anvayaa, India’s first senior care provider, will look after your parents and be with them ensuring unending companionship through our care managers. 

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