Tips to Boost the Immune System of the Elderly   

We must have heard so many times that staying healthy is staying fit against all the external toxins that attack the body, which is when the immune system comes into play. The immune system is a key factor for good and sound health, especially for the elderly, as their health tends to get weak and less immune when they get old. This is why you need to keep a hawk eye and choose one-of-a-kind health and daily care for your parents to recoup their age and have the best immunity possible. Anvayaa, with its unparalleled companionship and daily care, never ceases to feed your parents and take the necessary steps to build their immunity with time. Having said that, let us look at different ways in which you can improve the immunity of the elderly. 

Ways to boost the immunity of the elderly  

Help them maintain a personal hygiene 

Hygiene plays a great role when people age, starting with a simple gesture of washing hands. Make it a habit to ensure that your parents wash their hands before eating, drinking, using the toilet, touching or being close to an ill person, and after blowing your nose, coughing, etc. can be very beneficial to the elderly, protecting them from the widespread and contagious bacteria that might affect them rapidly. This method preserves the immunity of the elderly and acts as a base to boost immunity further.   

Feed them a nutritious diet  

Food, of course, plays a vital role in improving the elderly’s health. The diet you choose and the nutrients in the diet decide the healthy lifestyle of the elderly in one way. To boost the immune system and have balanced health, you can feed your parents foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The best examples of a nutritious diet include veggies, fresh fruits, nuts, and fewer dairy products. Foods full of vitamins A, C, D, and K and minerals such as zinc can drastically improve the quality of life of the elderly in addition to the immune system. Our committed care managers and caregivers with a network with third parties will arrange a 24*7 emergency care.

Let them be active  

For the elderly to stay immune and healthy, the crucial thing to keep in mind is to keep them physically active daily. Indulging in regular physical activity can improve the elderly’s mental health and physical fitness including heart, bone, and muscle health. The elderly, as they age, feel their mobility is restricted, which can be solved by exercising daily. Various yoga and mindfulness activities are all over the internet that help the elderly to make their muscles, bones, and overall body strong and resistant to diseases and harmful foreign bodies. With Anvayaa’s online engagement and mindfulness activities that take place every month, you can expect your parents to be active on a healthy note in every way. Our care managers will always be in contact with your parents and make their routine stable and healthy so that they will not attract any dreadful diseases in the future.  

Reduce their stress levels  

Stress can be a major hindrance to the health of the elderly and can lead to several mental health issues in the long run. Stress is also the main factor that affects the immune system of older adults and makes them weak over time. Their age, anxiety, and physical health issues they face can make them feel stressed out with time. Nowadays, with more mental health awareness and activities that balance mental health, you can engage your parents in stress-relieving activities like meditation, pranayama, yoga, cognitive and creative activities they like, etc. This way, they can feel peaceful and less anxious, which in turn promotes their immunity levels.  

With Anvayaa, you can get the best friend to your parents who ensure every day that their health and well-being are on the dot without any ifs and buts. Our care managers will take your parents to frequent get-togethers with friends and families to make them feel stress-free and peaceful.   

Make them stay hydrated.  

This might sound cliché, but yes, water is vital to say healthy to elders and everyone to have a sound metabolism and keep our gut free of toxins. Consuming balanced levels of water can help the elderly strengthen their mucous membranes, thus protecting the body against foreign invaders; just like the skin, mucous membranes also act as a good savior of the body against foreign bodies. If your parents have a cough, fever, or stomach upset, they tend to lose a lot of fluids, and thus, consuming water can help them stay stable.   


Being healthy and immune is the best way to lead life amidst the stress that we encounter daily, and this is even more important for the elderly as they stay isolated and with less mobility daily. By following the appropriate steps, you can make your parents immune to several health issues.  With Anvayaa’s elderly care services in India, you can give your parents the best form of love and care. 

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