Few reasons to make a morning walk a part of our parents routine.

Morning walks are healthy to any age group. They keep you healthy in many ways. But for the elderly, it is much more needed to keep them healthy and fit. The following are the five reasons for making the morning routine a must for your parents.

1. Control cholesterol and fat

As they grow older, they start to grow fat and cholesterol in the body at a rapid rate. Walking keeps them have control over their fat and cholesterol count and even helps to pump blood to the required body parts. According to a study, it’s told the lifespan of the people who do regular walking in the morning is more than who don’t. This little bit of exercise can be a boon that extends their lifespan.

2. Boosts immunity

It also makes one keep an excellent immune system, by helping them have a good diet plan to sustain proteins and the required nutrients after the walk as it will make one sweat a lot. Sweating will drain all the energy, and if you don’t take the necessary fluids, you may even faint.

3. Abundant Vitamin D

Sun has the Vitamin D, in its early morning sun rays. Due to the food habits that change for proper diet and to have Diabetes, Blood Pressure and many other bodies functioning under control one should change his/her diet. The decrease in vitamin D can lead to many diseases like a deficiency in calcium, hair fall, and many more. A morning walk for half an hour during the sunrise will undoubtedly affect the levels of vitamin D positively. And its related body parts of the human being.

4. Maintaining weight

As working gets tough for the parents on any domestic chores, they tend to gain weight at a rapid speed. The growth in weight will lead to problems in knees which will not let them walk for a long time or even stand properly. This weight gain will also result in a change in the kneecap through an operation which can be a problem even after the surgery in the worst case scenarios. So walking can keep them have control over weight gain and weight loss.

5. Frees mental stress

Above them, all, staying happy and energetic can add a lot to good health. Walking helps in blood circulation to the whole body, especially to the brain. This keeps the mind happy and stress free. Its usually told mental health comes first for good health. The willpower of the brain can make one get over many of their illness. A morning walk will keep you going all day long with a lot of energy and will keep you fresh too.

Having someone along with your parents for the morning is a must to make sure they get the required fluids if they get tired. So Anvayaa will assist your parents for a pleasant morning walk with our service of Daily Care.


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