The Untold Story Of NRIs Parents

Every year thousands of Indians immigrate to USA aspiring for higher education, remunerative jobs, and better lifestyle. Many of them are spending a lavish life there and some plan to settle there with family. In the process, elderly parents of several such immigrants are by force of circumstances left alone to fend without any physical assistance.

Years of sacrifices, piles of love, bundles of care, and untold hardships of parents is what that backs us to get where we all are in life. Dedicating all their saving for child’s education, taking loans for higher studies and sleepless hours for child’s care is the story of each Indian parent.

“Probably each success story of a child is a great example of hardship and unconditional love of parents who are the winners in true sense. And many loving children are there who never ever forget the self-sacrifice of their parents to look after them with all round care and share.”

Lucky are the parents whose children fulfilled each need over demands of their parents by taking care with over-parenting. But many of us fail to read the untold story of our parent behind their stretched smiles, and jolly faces. Often, we miss the essence of loneliness, unease and fear evoking out of their cheerful talk and earthy hugs. These piles of stories remain untold sinking down inside the huge heart.

Dejected story of parents of non-resident Indians :

Parent, their love, care, and anxiety are the lifetime asset. They may not express but an uncontrolled inner concern is there regarding child’s wellness, safety, progress, and even more. On the other hand, aging plays worst. Because of getting older, daily chores, regular processes, and necessities become a challenge for them. It is even harder for them to shop for daily needs, medicine, hospital work, regular health checkup, standing in queue at banks or for bill payment. And these are the time when parents need their children the most. But they also understand child’s busy schedules, rigid deadlines for work and their own family requirements. Hence, often parents hesitate to share their problems and daily challenges with children who stay thousands of kilometers away from them. And in exigency parents seek helps form neighbours, relatives or friends who might have an unwilling heart to aid each time. Other than their daily needs, an unbearable social loneliness of being left with no friends, no celebrations, no festivals make parents feel their child’s absence even more acutely.

I know, some of NRIs ask parents to come to US and stay with them. A complete unfamiliar environment, lifestyle, culture, foods and families make them feel lonely in crowd. It takes time for parents to get used to with electronic gadgets, machineries and equipment that may be common for you. Moreover, ill health is a big worry for them when there is nobody to attend them as they can’t go to a hospital on their own.

“Have you ever thought of your role as a child? Your duty towards parents? This is the time to pay back. Try to listen to the uncluttered voice of parents’ hearts. Yes!! Lack of time is an adverse factor here but no worries anymore. If you wish with all your heart to look after you parent then there are thousands of options around you. Gifting parents a home health care is one of the best among all.”

NRI parent care services are available which offer customized services for your parent on behalf of you and keep you informed for each step made for you father and mother. More than daily care for parents, they act as a virtual bridge between you and your parents. They serve health and fitness care, daily chores, leisure care, social and safety, and emergency care. Have such a care service for your parents and let them enjoy their life upto the fullest.

Anvayaa is one such organization that proffers care takers in Hyderabad. More than just care, they make your parents engage in social activity, healthy habits like regular yoga and exercise sessions, occasional celebrations like wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many more. This care entity follows a systematic process. Immediately after a telephonic or mail request, it assigns a relationship manager for you parent which play as point of contacts for you to get update on your parent’s health, and other update. Just relax and avail an effective home health care services for your parent and let them live a true meaningful, joyful, happy and healthy life.

NRIs! Want to know about Your Parents capability without You?

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