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Senior home care services in Visakhapatnam

We at Anvayaa understand how difficult it is to be separated from your parents and worry about their well-being. Long distances between family members can be both painful and worrying. As a result, Anvayaa is here to alleviate your concerns about caring for senior parents. We can assure you of family-like care with our pool of senior home care services, so you can focus on your other priorities without worrying about their well-being and happiness. We provide every type of elder-care assistance, from on-call doctors to in-home nursing care to Caretaker for Elderly Care.

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Staying far away from your parents’ for work or study is not easy. You realize that your parents are getting old and they need someone by their side to manage with everyday mundane tasks. You may often wish that there was someone you can trust to fill in your shoes and personally take care of your parents’ needs.

Now Anvayaa provides senior home services operational in more than 40+ cities

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Our Caregivers

We have a group of expert caregivers at Anvayaa. They assist senior members with day-to-day activities and collaborate with medical professionals to ensure their health. When you contact us, you will be greeted by a group of like-minded individuals who are eager to lend a helping hand to your family members. Anvayaa is the ideal blend of a humble and welcoming team of Patient Care Takers, cutting-edge technology, and dependable partners. We are on a mission to bring a smile to your and your loved ones' faces by working together.

Namaskaram Visakhapatnam!

In modern times, senior citizens in the City of Destiny have been faced with the constant challenge of adjusting to changing times. Over time, the youth of the city have begun to migrate abroad in search of better opportunities. In the absence of their children, the rising health challenges have created a need for dependence, which manifests as solidarity and depression. Anvayaa is here to help you fill in the blanks. It is reaching out to families looking for support or Senior Care Services with the help of its team of professional caregivers and medical professionals in Visakhapatnam.

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Health Care Services in Visakhapatnam

Everyone has a unique need, and we understand that. From being there for your parents for a casual conversation or for helping in a crisis, we do everything a family member could do for them.

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Care Process Commitment Through Strength And Support

Anvayaa believes in providing round-the-clock services to help your Parents. We assign a reliable ‘Care Manager’ that is available on call, 24*7 to look after your parents’ needs. We offer an easy enrolment process of profiling, assembling reports, planning visits, and setting reminders, in the app with Anvayaa staff guiding through the entire process of NRI parents care services.

If you require any information regarding medical reports, emergency information, and daily activities, you can conveniently track them in the web portal and mobile app. Sign up with us to experience a stress-free life Eldercare services now operational in more than 40+ cities

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Mr Arnold Maddela ICC Cricket Umpire (Canada)

Anvayaa Team is fantastic:
Anvayaa Team has been fantastic in looking after the needs of my mother who is 80+ and I thank them for all their efforts.
Author Name

Mr Arnold Maddela

ICC Cricket Umpire (Canada)

Mrs K N Shrama

Anvayaa team has been of great help to me.
The team is always ready to help any time day or night. Anvayaa is of great for the elderly and use should try them.
Author Name

Mrs K N Shrama

Mr Raja Banerjee

I truly appreciate the services of Anvayaa.
They make regular calls to my parents to check on them and help with doctor visits more. Thank you team Anvayaa
Author Name

Mr Raja Banerjee

Amrita Gupta Working professional, Hyderabad

With Anvayaa, our lives have become a lot more simpler and easier.
At some point or the other, every household will need such services. My special Thanks to Mr Prashanth and his team for creating such a service.
Author Name

Amrita Gupta

Working professional, Hyderabad

Kamala Baia & Ramesham 72 & 76 years old, parents living in Hyderabad

We live together with no other help until we found Anvayaa.
They were all prepared to listen to us anytime and come to our assistance. We recommend Anvayaa to people of my age who live alone and away from their children. Anvayaa is of Great help!
Author Name

Kamala Baia & Ramesham

72 & 76 years old, parents living in Hyderabad

Manoj Kumar Physical Therapist, Newyork

Anvayaa is Professional, Caring and Efficient.
I am impressed with how prompt they are with their services and how they are eager to help the families. I am Thankful for Anvayaa for taking care of my parents.
Author Name

Manoj Kumar

Physical Therapist, Newyork

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