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"Anvayaa" is a Hyderabad based private limited company creating logical connections between parents and kids who live independently from each other.

The core objective of "Anvayaa" lies in the quality of our people, our partner eco-system that we have created and our very strong and user-friendly technology platform. We have background verified and trained professionals, looking after your parent's needs. We have identified procedures to cater to the 360 ° needs of your parents, and doing this we hope to offer both you and you parents with peace of mind. We welcome suggestions to improve our offering.

Currently our service area is Hyderabad, (within the Greater Hyderabad Municipal City Limits). We also offer customized services to members who reside outside our service areas (Other parts of Telangana and Andhra)

We cater your requirements through our partner eco-system

No, we do not offer any trial period.

Once you Sign-up with Anvayaa, you would have access to our dashboard, which would enable you to choose any of our Care Plans or Pay as you go services, based on your requirements. We also have multiple payments options such as Annual Subscription, Pay Per Month (Direct Debit) Bases.

We understand that there might be situations that our lists of services do not cover. Please call us @ +91 7288818181/939 ANVAYAA and "Anvayaa" will be more than happy to cater to your requirements by all means that it finds suitable.

Yes, you can do that we have a very low Annual Sign-up fee that permits you to avail services on pay per use bases. Upon Signup members can avail services as per their needs.

Anvayaa is only responsible for coordinating the execution of services rendered by its partner eco-system. Upon completion of services the member is responsible to settlement of bills and dues with the partner eco-system.

Anvayaa is not responsible for settlement of payments directly with its partner eco-system. However, upon member request Anvayaa would pay on the member's behalf through its Wallet.

We at Anvayaa charge for sing-up and package subscriptions in $US. You could pay using your Debit Card/Credit Card/PayPal/Direct Bank transfers. When it comes to settling third party dues it would have to be paid in INR as the place of service is India and accepted currency is INR.

None of the annual subscription and/or packages covers any third party cost.