Anvayaa: Going Beyond Generic Senior Care Services In India  

The domain of senior care in India lacks quality care for the residing geriatric population. There are very few care centres and specialized senior care providers to provide cost-effectively and prioritised support to senior people living alone in their homes.   

Many senior citizens are either emotionally or financially dependent on their family members, and living in solitude leads to stress and anxiety. There are elderly people who are fit and still feel young to do household chores, but, in case, after surgery or due to cognitive impairments, they would require assistance to live comfortably without any hassle. Also, with age, it becomes cumbersome to manage finances and their medical appointment. Due to these factors, most elderly people choose to leave their homes and reside in assisted living centres.  

With several years of experience providing senior care services in India, Anvayaa has understood that it is not sufficient to only provide health and medical care services to elderly people. They need love, compassion, and a support system to cope with the stress and limitations that come with old age. Hence, Anvayaa has taken a leap to go above and beyond in providing unique senior care services to make the lives of the elderly easier, hassle-free, and comfortable. It has always been Anvayaa’s aim to do more beyond the generic and make India a senior-citizen friendly nation.   

What are the unique senior care services provided by Anvayaa?  

With operating in seven cities- Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chennai, Vizag, and expanding soon to the Delhi-NCR, Anvayaa’s senior caregivers and nurses work dedicatedly to provide prioritised care and comfort to senior people living alone at home.   

A fulfilled life does not happen if only proper healthcare is provided, as elderly people need companionship and a holistic support system to feel purposeful, happy and healthy. With these unique senior care services, elderly people can enjoy a carefree and leisurely life.   

Let us take a look at them:  

1.Medical care by leveraging technology  

With changing times, the approach towards senior medical care services in India has to be upgraded. Rather than manually updating and setting reminders, Anvayaa leverages an innovative technological solution that helps to track and monitor the well-being of senior citizens.   

The AI 360-degree technology sets reminders to elderly patients on their doctor’s appointments and intake of daily medicines. This innovation also helps to track blood pressure and other health indicators. Even updating the family members staying abroad about their elderly parents becomes easier with the AI 360-degree technology.   

Besides this, Anvayaa also stores all medical reports, prescriptions, and the medical history of the patient electronically to avoid misplacement of the records.  

2.NRI Property Management   

For elderly people living abroad, it becomes cumbersome to keep track of the rent collection and other property administration work. In their absence, nuisance can also be created by tenants, which may lead to damage to the property.  

Anvayaa’s NRI property management services make sure that rent from the tenants gets collected in a timely manner. They also update the owners about any maintenance issues. Hence, senior people do not have to depend on neighbours or any other family members to maintain the property while they live abroad or in another city.  

3.Leisure Care   

Anvayaa is one of the few senior care service providers in India to ensure that elderly people age with happiness. After all, happiness has no age limit.   

The leisure care services of Anvayaa provide holistic support to elderly people by engaging in activities such as hobby cultivating, music therapy, playing with pets, and having a picnic. Anvayaa’s relationship managers assist the seniors in attending weddings and other social gatherings.  

Leisure care services are very important to boost the morale of elderly people living alone. It helps them to beat stress and anxiety. More than medical care, leisure care has a stronger impact on the health of the senior person as it leads to the release of rejuvenating hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These hormonal releases reduce the chances of depression in old age   

4.Payment care services   

Maintaining the cash flow and daily monetary expenses at old age is quite challenging. Many elderly people are not tech-savvy to check their expenses and calculate them online. Secondly, many elderly people are dependent on their pensions and contributions from family members to run the household. They have to ensure that no overspending happens by mistake.  

Anvayaa has well-trained financial managers to automate all the utility bill payments and maintain the cash flow and ensure an emergency pool of funds is kept in case an emergency medical situation occurs.   

5.Transport and diagnostic services  

Anvayaa offers transportation services so that the elderly person does not have to depend on someone to go to parks or visit a doctor.   

Elderly people may have to go far or book appointments for a diagnostic test. With Anvayaa’s diagnostic services at home, this hassle is removed. All samples are collected safely from the house without any need for the senior person to step out of their homes.  

These senior care services of Anvayaa are helpful in ensuring that the quality of life is improved for the elderly people and that they have stable emotional health.  

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