Supporting Hand ‘Anvayaa’ is spreading its service to Chennai and Bangalore.

Anvayaa, being one of the most trusted parent care organizations, with its support to the elderly offers its excellent services in and around Hyderabad with just a click away. It is now spreading its helping hand to Bangalore and Chennai.

Anvayaa provides Health care, Payment care, Leisure care, Emergency Care Assistance, Daily Care and Other Care for the senior citizen who will need help with any care.

Health Care:
Anvayaa helps senior citizens with hospital discharge formalities, house visit check-ups and other paperwork required for your parents as they are associated with many reputed diagnostic centers, medical partners, doctors, and hospitals. This care has Annual Medical Checkups for having a regular checkup for the client, also send timely reminders for proper medication and fixes doctor appointments.

Payment Care:
As it gets difficult for them to have a track on the expenditure and savings, may also be an issue for further health needs if their children are staying away from them for work purpose and couldn’t be available in case of emergency, Anvayaa helps them with the management of money for the required. It contains the features of Utility bills, day-today-expense care, online cash management, medical emergency fund management.

Leisure Care:
Spending time with our well-wishers is always a must, and for senior citizens, it is much more needed for not making them feel lonely. So Anvayaa has the service of spending leisure time with the seniors by taking them for a walk, taking them for assisted day outings and many more. This service includes Organising Family events, Arranging Picnics, Assisted day outings and arranging surprise events.

Emergency Care Assistance:
As senior citizen cannot be predicted there would be need of emergency help at any hour of the time. So, Anvayaa has this service of Emergency Care Assistance which includes services like Ambulance Assistance, Non-Medical Emergency, Medical Emergency Assistance with a care plan, Real-time Updates and Accompanied Care Manager.

Daily Care:
Getting groceries, visiting the bank for the pension, or for any such regular help this service of routine care helps. This service would have Home Maintenance care, Cook services Assistance, Grocery Delivery, Training to use Internet and Smart Devices, Home Installation care, Transportation Assistance, Home Cleaning, Food Delivery Care, Home needs and maid services.

Other Care:
Any additional help with property assistance, maintenance of some specific needs for the parents will be taken in this service which also includes services like, Personal time with care managers, arranging religious needs, arranging beauty grooming services, property management assistance, literature care, laundry services, visa, passport, ticketing, arranging legal services, health, and travel insurance services.

Be it any service for the parents Anvayaa is just a click away for the children not to trouble their parents in any situation.

“THE BEST people are the good old wrinkled people with a sparkle in their eye, a wink when you walk by or a toothless smile saying you are doing just fine …”
― Robert Wesley Miller


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