Home Safety Tips for the Elderly who Lives all Alone  

Living alone is not easy, especially for the elderly, who can be safe only with your emotional support and assistance as they age. There can be times when you have stay away from your parents and need to take care of them at every step of their lives. This can sometimes lead to serious life threats and emergencies to your parents that can go unnoticed if you neglect them immediately. A single slip and fall can also lead to serious head and joint injuries, which can be irrevocable sometimes. This can make it the need of the hour to carry out required safety tips that keep the elderly away from unforeseen circumstances. Let’s get into some safety tips you can incorporate into your parents’ lives when they live all alone.   

Safety Tips  

Arrange a close circle of friends with your parents.  

Socialization and building bonds can be a wonderful way to avoid your parents’ isolation and loneliness and make them feel loved and comfortable. It is always advisable to indulge your parents in the nearby social groups so they would have solid support daily, even when you are away from them. Another feather you can add to your parents’ wings is to make them stay closer to any of your friends or close relatives’ places so that they can be alert whenever your parents face any emergency or critical situations.   

Anvayaa arranges a dedicated care manager in the vicinity of your parents to be responsive and highly responsible whenever your parents face any emergencies in life.  

Ensure that they have all the medication beforehand.  

Now, this is one of the most important aspects to remember when your parents stay all by themselves as we never know in which situation they will be and if they will have the energy to go out and get the medicines on time. That is why you should ensure that your parents have all the necessary medications for all their illnesses readily available to them so that they don’t have to worry about it in your absence.   

You can give them the nearest pharmacy contacts so they can have the medicines delivered home when they fall ill. Anavyaa with a team of committed care managers and care coordinators who not only escort your parents to the hospitals but make sure that all their medications are kept up to date.  

Install grab bars and railings.  

Living alone is definitely a challenging situation for your parents and family members simultaneously. Arranging grab bars and railings can thus be a great help to your parents, especially when they move out and go for a shower in the bathrooms, preventing sudden slips and falls, which can sometimes lead to serious injuries. Grab bars, hand railings, and walking sticks are even more important for seniors with mobility restrictions.  

Arrange emergency contacts on their mobile phones.  

Mobile phones and technology are the silent saviors to your parents when in need, and we can never deny that. Saving emergency contacts in your parent’s mobile phone or fixing a speed dial in their mobile can greatly benefit them as they can just tap the phone and get in touch with the contacts when they need any help from the contacts.  

Anvayaa has made an innovative move to help the elderly with technology to move ahead with their health and other concerns. The 360-degree mobile application of Anvayaa has a provision where the elderly can click on the emergency button to get in touch with the care managers and care coordinators of Anvayaa 24*7.  

Be certain that the home is in good condition.  

Keeping home spic and span can reduce the hazards the elderly face to a greater extent. The house that your parents live in should not only be neat and clean but should be organized right from the furniture to the flooring to avoid any mishaps that can happen in the future. The living room, and especially the places where your parents wander in the house, should be completely decluttered. It would be better if the home is minimalistic with furniture and absolutely needed items.  

Anvayaa understands this, and our home caregivers and care coordinators got your parents back in extending their support and helping hand all day by taking care of them in their daily care services.  


For all the elderly who live alone, security and safety are the real deal, and by being proactive and supportive, you can be the real saviour of the elderly’s care in your home

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