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Micronutrient deficiency is the well-known defect observed among the elderly because of the decreased food intake and variety in their diet. It is because the elderly, unfortunately, do not receive enough attention that they deserve. However, good nutrition has a notable impact on the physical health and wellbeing of the elderly; many people can’t manage the nutrition intake because of their fast-paced life. Since nutritional requirements for the elderly are comparatively more than that of younger adults, you can save your loved one’s nutritional needs by hiring a caregiver who offers home care for elderly in India. Because hiring a personal caregiver for the elderly benefits in keeping their nutritional health in balance. The caregiver helps maintain nutrition for elderly patients and acts as a massive bearing on keeping their mental system balanced and steady.

Why healthy eating is imperative for the elderly

Believe it or not, the ageing process will significantly diminish your health and lead to malnutrition since the body’s ability to consume nutrients decreases with age. This is why healthy eating for the elderly is essential to consider. The importance of nutrition in elderly are as follows.

  • To maintain chronic disorders like high BP, cancer, diabetes, and dementia
  • To power the immune system and stimulating proper healing
  • For Organ: kidneys, eyes, liver, and metabolism
  • For Brain: consciousness and cognitive strength
  • For Muscle and bone health to mobility, flexibility, strength, and posture

Special Nutritional Needs for Elderly Folks

Nutrition for elderly patients is imperative for establishing the body’s cell function, immune system strengthening, and preventing physical and mental illness. It includes Fibre, Protein, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Potassium and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. The foods that enhance the above nutrients and their benefits are as follows.


Fibre is necessary for maintaining proper digestive health, supporting heart health and avoiding constipation. 


Since the body’s muscle mass weakens with age, the Elderly adults need protein to stay fit and increase muscle strength. 

Vitamin B12

Since our digestive system’s ability decreases with age, the elderly lack their vital nutrient, which significantly impacts both the blood and central nervous system. Hence the Vitamin B12 is essential to cure anaemia, numbness, fatigue and memory loss.

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D

Since healthy bones and muscles are essential for avoiding falls and fractures associated with age, all the three above nutrients are vital for the elderly.


Potassium is crucial to establish a healthy cellular function throughout the body, improve the immune system and prevent physical and mental illness for the elderly.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are essential to add nutrition for elderly patients and for maintaining heart health, memory loss, decreased immune function, and low omega 3s can cause even mental health problems like depression.

How to Ensure Proper Nutrition for the elderly

Considering it’s not always easy for the elderly to eat wholesomely. You can achieve it by arranging external assistance like caregivers. If you live in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, Anvayaa helps your loveable elderly by offering the best home caregivers who provide home care for elderly in India. Our Caregivers ensure each bite of your loved one is packed with as many nutrients as possible. If you are considering caregiver assistance, contact Anvayaa and register today to let us take care of your parents on your behalf.

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