Types of Home Nursing Services for Elderly People with Low Mobility

In India, a large number of geriatric or elderly citizens need proper care to age with dignity. Many of them, even after retirement, lead an active lifestyle by doing chores around the house or even working as an entrepreneur. This helps them to stay busy and have a purposeful life rather than being dependent on their family members. But however, this is not the same case with every elderly person residing in our country. Many of them have low mobility or physical impairment because of which they are bed-ridden or have limitations in moving freely. This part of the geriatric population needs the utmost home nursing services to improve their health.  

With age, the motor skills of a person reduce drastically. Slowly, they need assistance to do heavy tasks. Even though their minds are agile, their physical limitations prevent them from doing any productive work.  

Elderly people suffer from body ailments such as arthritis, joint pain, and weakness in the limbs. These physical problems restrict movement. Doing a simple task such as holding a pen or glass of water becomes difficult. When elderly people lose their mobility and become bedridden due to any injury, illness, or after major surgery, they feel that their life has taken a sudden pause. There is a sudden sense of demotivation in them as they feel they are no longer useful or maybe neglected by their family members as they can no longer contribute to anything. 

Many senior citizens in India suffer from mobility issues. Sometimes, familial caregivers, with their busy schedules, may not have the time to attend to every medical need of their elderly parents. In other cases, the family members can be living abroad, making it difficult for them to take care of. 

In metro and tier 1 cities which have more neutral familial household structures, elderly people with mobility issues tend to be neglected. The domestic helpers are not equipped to understand their medical needs; hence, they require expert home nursing care professionals offering specialised services in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Vizag, and Coimbatore. 

Anvayaa understands the medical and emotional health requirements of elderly patients with mobility problems; therefore, it provides quality home nursing care services that are operating in Coimbatore, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Vizag.  

Let us take a look at them. 

Types of home nursing care services that Anvayaa provides for the senior people with mobility issues

Before we proceed further, one must understand that before choosing the type of service, it is better to know the type of mobility issue that the elderly person is facing. 

Sometimes, mobility issues can be short-term; therefore, caregiving services will be needed for the purpose of recovery. 

However, for permanent and long-term mobility problems, home nursing care services will be required daily. 

Based on the above-mentioned inferences, there are different types of home care services available for geriatric people with mobility limitations. 

1.Physiotherapy services 

In Anvayaa’s home care nursing services for the elderly with mobility issues, physiotherapy services are provided in tier 1 cities such as Coimbatore and Vizag. The physiotherapy sessions are conducted within the comfort of the homes so that the elderly patient does not have to depend on someone to take them to the clinic. With limited mobility, the challenge of travelling is mitigated.  

Anvayaa’s physiotherapy services have expert professionals who provide prioritised care to patients and ensure they slowly regain their body balance and movement.  

For both long-term and short-term mobility issues of elderly people, physiotherapy sessions are very much important on their road to recovery.  

2.Post-operative services  

Many times elderly people have mobility issues after going through major surgeries. After the surgical procedure, the body is weak and in pain. Also, during the resting period, they need assistance to do basic chores like bathing or eating. Hence post-operative services are required to improve the mobility of the elderly person and help them with their basic hygiene and nutritional needs.  

Anvayaa’s nurses and caregivers prepare nutritional meals and manage the medicines of the elderly patient so that their body has the strength to recover. They also coordinate with the physiotherapists to create exercise routines that are suitable for the physical capacity of the patient. This helps elderly people to perform the regimens easily and regain their body balance and movement.  

3.24*7 Bed care Assistance 

In tier 1 cities such as Coimbatore and Vizag, it is difficult to find home nursing services that provide quality and affordable 24*7 bed care assistance to elderly people with permanent loss of mobility. Thankfully, Anvayaa has mitigated this challenge in both cities by expanding its elderly care services.  

 Their 24*7 bed care assistance service ensures that patients who have permanent mobility issues due to loss of limbs or cerebral paralysis are given prioritised care.  

Their hygiene, medicine , and nutritional needs are attended to so that they do not feel neglected and age with dignity.  

4.Emotional care 

Loss of mobility for elderly people can be an emotionally draining experience. There are chances for them to slip into depression. Hence, Anvayaa, in its elderly care plans, offers emotional and leisure care services.  

These services help elderly people to heal emotionally by engaging in activities such as gardening, music therapy, art therapy etc.  

With Anvayaa’s home nursing services operating pan-India, the elderly with mobility problems people have access to affordable nursing facilities that help them age with dignity and recover to an active lifestyle. 

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