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What can one imagine about recovering, specifically post operative care for elderly after surgery in the hospital? Probably, the things could be, getting up out of bed, walking without support, following certain prescriptions for therapy which perhaps will enable one to get back on their highest level of independence. 

And, lastly achieving all these, preferably in the shortest span of time.

What people often miss out is the importance of nutrition in the revitalization of their body and thereby supporting their healthy recovery. 

Best Practice to be followed for Effective Recovery Plan

Some leading eldercare centres like Anvayaa provides post operative care in Bangalore. With advanced technology, best therapy practice, customised therapy plans, this care centre gives emphasis on the nutrition regimens as part of their comprehensive recovery process. A good and robust post-surgical nutrition program is an essential ingredient for replenishing and strengthening the body, thereby assuring the most effective and timely recovery for the patients.

One cannot deny the importance of post operative care services because the nutrition deficiencies in your diet after surgery can possibly constrict the normal recovery process and reduce the chances of the elderly patient for optimal recovery.

What is the importance of nutrition in your post-surgery recovery?

While surgery in some instances can’t be avoided, a highly nutritious diet can help and support in the complete recovery of the patients in several ways. Following are the benefits of nutrition:

  • Replenishes blood loss
  • Helps in healing the incisions at a fast rate
  • Strengthen the immune system that protects you against infection
  • Increase your level of energy
  • Repairs skin damage, nerves, blood vessels and bones

How is speedy recovery significant?

In case you have been an independent adult for most of your life, and you have been thoroughly active, suddenly discovering yourself as a patient can be horrifying and a cause of depression. The post operating setting and recovery for every patient is different and good and healthy nutrition after surgery can speed up your wound healing, improve immunity and ensure the best result. Speedy recovery means speedy recovery from your depression as well.

Whether you got your joint replaced or had a hysterectomy or had bypass surgery, your body requires extra nutrients to heal so that you can bounce back and recover fast.

It is a fact that on average, a person can actually lose up to 5-10% of their total body weight after surgery. To again, it becomes more important to infuse the body with some healthy calories and nutrition; also, you must consider protein first.

Protein is known to repair your tissue, slow muscle catabolism and reduces the inflammatory phase giving you instant relief. Generally, post-operative protein requirement ranges from 1.6g to 2g of the total body weight. In case you underwent elective surgery, the lower range is more than sufficient. And in case you underwent some major surgery, the higher end will be suitable for you.

At Anvayaa, we know clinically approved meals are essential for faster and healthy recovery. Our team works closely with the doctors and dieticians to plan healthy diet menus as per the preference and requirement of the elderly patients. Our trained nurses are at your services 24/7 with on-call doctor facilities and much more. If you stay away from your loved parents, you can avail our services and provide them with the care they deserve.


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