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#Covid-19 - An Important message from Anvayaa MD

Hoping you are keeping safe and helping others to be safe. These are times we need to help each other and be in constant contact. In continuation to our earlier advisories on COVID-19, we wish to bring out a few important developments.

Firstly, Let me thank you for your outstanding support to Anvayaa and helping us to help your families. You all have been extremely cooperative and have been planning your needs well in advance to help us serve you better. A big thank you for making the first phase of Home Quarantine successful!!

We are into the second phase of Home Quarantine. Telangana Government has announced extension of lock down until May 7th 2020 with even more stringent measures and likewise Karnataka and Tamilnadu also have taken additional measures in line with Govt. of India advisory. All of this is being done to ensure that the governments have enough medical facilities to handle the number of cases and in no way be considered that the virus has been or will be eliminated.

Personally, I feel that this period here is not going to be ending any sooner and in my opinion Maximum Home Quarantine for all elders is advisable through the rest of the year and maybe relaxed for stepping out of the home only on need basis by July 2020 timeframe. The “Home Quarantine” Advisory to all our elder members who are above 70 years or age or any chronic ailment must be continued till such time that a sure treatment or vaccine for the Virus emerges.

Given the current understanding of this pandemic situation