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Personalized Dementia Care Plan

A unique 360 degree, technology-enabled personalized Dementia care plan - ensuring a life with dignity for Person with Dementia (PWD)

‘Dementia’ is a condition that is generally associated with aging, however it’s not a normal part of aging. More than 90% of all dementias occur in people over 65 years of age and it interferes with the ability of a person to do everyday activities. Without adequate care & professional support since the onset of Dementia, the condition of the affected elders is bound to deteriorate rapidly, causing extreme stress & pain to the entire family.

At Anvayaa, we are the pioneers in understanding care needed for elderly with Dementia. We have launched our Personalized Dementia Care Plan to serve elders, suffering from Dementia - a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. It is characterized by a Progressive Deterioration in cognitive function (memory, thinking capability, decision making, judgment etc.), finally affecting physically. Anvayaa has developed a customizable module to provide personalized care for Dementia patients and help them live with dignity.

The disruptive use of the innovative technology platform built using Artificial Intelligence, the Care Platform constantly guides the care giver by giving them the ability to ensure the PWD is meaningfully engaged.

The platform suggests dementia stage appropriate activities automatically and the directions in order to increase their physical, emotional and cognitive well-being. The process enables efficient care and predictable services for senior citizens with dementia supported by a network of trained clinicians and Care Managers.

Dementia Care

Know Alzheimer's, Know Dementia Better With Anvayaa’s Comprehensive In Home Dementia Care

Mr Pradeep Pamula

Pradeep Pamula's heartfelt words about Anvayaa Kin Care
Pradeep Pamula, our client from the US shares his most satisfying experience with Anvayaa when his brother and sister lives in the US and his parents are left alone in India. He expresses his gratitude for Anvayaa's team of care managers for helping his parents with the daily activities, engaging them in games and by being there for his father with the implementation of Dementia Care Plan.

Vijaya Mummadi

A soul satisfying testimonial by Vijaya Mummadi
Anvayaa has been the helping hand to many and in this video our beloved client Vijaya Mummadi shared her experience with Anvayaa on how Haneef, Anvayaa's care manager has been with her 78 old mom through her thick and thin while she was suffering with Dementia. She expresses her applaud on how he used to put tremendous effort, how patrient and kind he was while treating her mom and bringing her back to normal day by day.