What Are Anvayaa’s Exclusive Nursing Care Services At Home?

At Anvayaa, we believe that having a nurse at home eases the pressure of care for both elderly patients as well as a familial caregiver. Nursing services at home ensure a positive environment and support for the elderly citizens to improve their health and find the purpose to be agile and be active in their old age.

Our goal is not only to ensure that patients who take our nursing care services recover physically, but we strive to provide 360-degree holistic care so that they are back to life with a rejuvenated mind, body, and soul.


Here are Anvayaa’s exclusive nursing care services at home: 

1. Vaccine Administration

Proper vaccine administration is required to ensure your body’s immunity is strong to fight viral and infectious diseases. 

Our nurses are qualified to provide vaccine administration for Typhoid, Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, COVID-19 other infectious diseases. Checking the medical history of the patients and knowing the allergic reactions is also done by our nurses for a safe vaccine administration. This is done simultaneously with regular follow-ups and check-up schedules. They also help in communicating the efficacy of taking the vaccines to the patients. This is a crucial part of the vaccine administration process

2. Medication Management

Anvayaa’s specially trained nurses efficiently handle the prescribed doses of injections and medication at home. This helps to reduce the burden from the family to provide medicinal doses to the elderly patient. During medication management, our nurses evaluate and consult the doctors to avoid any possible side effects and adversities. Our nurses regularly follow up with physicians to check if the medication regimen needs to be changed and update the prescriptions and doses.

3. Medical Care

Anvayaa’s nurses are qualified and trained to monitor patients’ vital signs, execute oxygen administration. To ensure the patients’ health improvement, they also monitor the diet and efficacy of the medicinal doses. Reports of the patient’s health are sent to the doctor. With high-risk patients, our nurses are in regular touch with the physician. In addition, they provide stoma care, as well as urinary catheter care, within the privacy and comfort of the home.

4. Dressing care

Post-surgery, our nurses are experienced to carry surgical dressings as well as treating bed sore dressings. During dressing care, they ensure hygienic conditions are maintained to heal the wound faster and avoid infections. With dressing care, our nurses also administer necessary ointments. In cases there is a rupture of stitches, they immediately consult the doctor to prevent a hemorrhage.

5. Elderly care

Apart from providing healthcare assistance, Anvayaa also provides elderly care to patients at their homes in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai. This also includes assisting them in their daily activities and providing them with mental health support for living a rejuvenated life. In elderly care, our nurses work to ensure that the patients efficiently follow their physiotherapy routine. Other than this, the nutritional needs of the elderly patients are also taken by our qualified nurses after consulting dieticians

6. Post-surgical support

It can be difficult for a family to care for someone who has recently undergone surgery. Anvayaa’s trained nurses can make the chores easier by checking the patient’s vital signs and assisting the patient on daily activities post surgeries

7. Dietary and nutritional support

Our nurses are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure their dietary and nutritional needs are met. They plan the diet after consultation with the dieticians. Reminding patients to intake meals on time and follow the diet regimen for improving their health conditions

    Conclusion: Anvayaa’s nursing care ensures holistic care support at home. It also saves the cost of traveling to the hospital. In the pandemic, nursing care services are even more essential to protect high-risk patients from contracting Covid-19.

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