An Exclusive Sneak Peak at What’s Next for Senior Care in India

At Anvayaa, our assurance is on improving the health conditions of senior patients within the convenience of their homes by our extensive senior care services.

Our elderly care services at home ensure a positive environment and support for the senior citizens to improve their health and find the purpose to be agile and active in their old age.

Let us take a look at the extensive and quality senior care services

1)health care services

Healthcare forms a major part of our services. Anvayaa with its large team of specialist doctors, healthcare professionals, major diagnostics and pharmacy centers as partners, ensure smooth and quality senior home health care.

 Activities such as transportation to the hospital, help with paperwork, and discharge formalities are also taken care of to make the process easier. As a part of home health care services, we provide annual medical health checkups, arranging home visits, surgery planning, home nursing services, caretaker services, physiotherapy services at home in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai.

Conventionally, senior care at hospitals takes time and money. Senior citizens have to book appointments at a specific timing to access health care services. Be it for physiotherapy or diagnosis of a disease, you have to wait.  On top of that, there is the added cost of travel which makes it even more expensive to come to hospitals. 

Our senior care services at home ensure all-around access to all types of health care services for senior citizens within the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

2) Daily Care Assistance

Apart from providing healthcare assistance, Anvayaa also provides domestic help at home to parents at their homes in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai.

Anvayaa has partnered with exclusive home maintenance services, transport providers, food and maid services to help in your time of need in any way possible. With unique plans and features, the organization delivers all necessary services within the comfort of home.

When senior citizens opt for senior care services at home, they get specialized attention from the comfort of their homes. Our well-equipped caregivers assist senior citizens with their day-to-day tasks. They also take care of their hygiene conditions to prevent any infections. In addition to this, our senior care service ensures the dietary needs of the patients are met and their nutritional requirements are duly met as prescribed by the doctors.

3) Leisure Care

Retirement is a time to rejuvenate your life and relax. Activities for the elderly are very essential to keep them happy and healthy. Your parents’ have been working in a stressful environment for a long time and now require you to enjoy the fruits of all the hard work.

With our senior care service, your parents get a trusted relationship manager who creates a positive environment at home to heal. 

At Anvayaa, we understand that hospitals can be a grim environment for many senior citizens as they see ailments around them. However, with a friendly atmosphere at home with a trusted companion and caregiver, they can be motivated to be agile.

Our caregivers ensure that senior care is met with leisure activities that rejuvenate the mental and emotional health of the patients 

4) Cognitive disability care

Many senior citizens face cognitive disabilities such as dementia. These patients forget their day-to-day activities that could be as basic as eating food. They require special care and assistance. 

Anvayaa’s senior care service has well-experienced nurses and caregivers who assist elderly patients with high-risk cognitive disorders by monitoring their health, ensuring their nutritional intake, and managing their medicines and doctor appointments.

5)  Payment Care

Situations may arise when funds are not immediately available to meet the expenses, especially when you are not around. These situations are difficult to handle without proper contingency plans. You may often wish that there was someone who would know how to address these issues. Anvayaa has created an optimal solution for your benefit pertaining to this problem.

6)  Emergency Care Assistance

The goal of Crisis Care is to stabilize the immediate situation with the right care and support. This is especially needed for high-mobility senior citizens who are at a risk to be injured when left alone or are recovering from surgery. To avoid any fatalities, Anvayaa provides an array of Crisis Care services at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai so that your parents are ready to tackle the difficulties. Depending on the severity of the crisis, the well-trained members will refer you to specific medical services.

We have customized senior care plans. You can choose the plan that is best suitable for you and reap benefits for a full year.

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