Assisted Day Outings for your parents by Anvayaa’s Care Managers

Is retirement a blessing or a curse for your parents? It depends on many conditions like their financial, family, health, and even social situations. How blissful or stressful one’s retirement life simply depends on many of these factors. Though many like to have a hassle-free retirement life, it is only possible for a few. Many people, as they age will feel helpless and hopeless, especially when they are surrounded by health, financial, and family issues for which they have no hope of resolution. It is then as their child, it becomes your duty to tend to their every need, including health and financial ones. But given the situations in the modern day lives, most of the children shy away from these responsibilities either willingly or unwillingly.

                 Coming to the aid of these parents to fulfill their wishes is Anvayaa Parental Care services, the one stop solution for all of your parents’ needs in their old age. Anvayaa’s goal is simple: keeping your parents happy through addressing many of their needs like a family member, friend, or a caretaker would do. Through our compassionate services filled with duty and care, we ensure a win-win situation both for you and your parents. We make your parents realize the prime motive of their retirement which is to relax and rejuvenate their life, irrespective of the prevailing issues in their lives and in times when they are in need of their dear ones who are not nearer by their side.

                We also understand that having someone to take care of your parents on your behalf is not going to be easy for you. However, given a chance, our Relationship Managers who are professionally trained will make sure that all your parents’ needs get addressed right from their daily care, health care, and payment cares to leisure care, and emergency care as well and much more. We are committed to providing the necessary strength and support to your parents round the clock with our on-the-go care process by assigning a reliable ‘Care Manager’ who is 24*7 available on the call to take care of your parents’ needs, keeping in mind of their leisure care needs into the bargain.

               Like a family friend who can be entrusted with anything, Anvayaa’s Care Manager too will arrange services for your parents like attending family get-togethers, social functions or picnics and outdoor activities as per their will and wish. The Care Manager is so adept at any task that they can even plan a Surprise Event or an Assisted Day Outing where they make sure to not only remind but even celebrate your parents’ birth or marriage anniversaries and can even make them step out of their homes by accompanying them like a dutiful son or daughter that you would be on your behalf.

                 So connect to us anytime you need our help and Anvayaa’s reliable team will be there right at your parent’s doorstep to care for them in their every need, thus making theirs and your lives easy and worry-free. Use the ‘Care Connect’ feature on our app and with just a few taps, you can register today to let us take care of your parents on your behalf. Make Anvayaa the best Buddy and ‘A’ part of your family today while you live apart from them!


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