Holistic Wellness Activities That Home-Attendants Can Conduct For The Elderly

Elderly people are susceptible to physical ailments, but more than that, emotional and mental health issues are prevalent amongst them. Researchers of geriatric studies have indicated that a large part of the elderly population in India suffers from depression, anxiety, and loneliness. These occur even for those who are availing old age care services or staying at assisted living centres. 

Anvayaa has understood this gap that has occurred in elderly care services by home attendants and nurses. Hence, in its elderly care plans, caregivers not only tend to the physical well-being of the patients but also provide them holistic care and wellness. These holistic activities help elderly people find a purpose in living in their old age and have stable emotional health.  

Geriatric care researchers recommend that senior care centres and caregiving service agencies should have specialised nurses and home attendants who are experts in executing holistic wellness activities for elderly people from the comfort of their own homes. 

In 2020, when the pandemic happened, the emotional well-being of elderly people got disrupted. They could no longer go out for walks or socialize with their peers. Being cooped up in the house alone was causing them extreme stress and anxiety. This led to the need for caregivers to carry out easy-to-do holistic wellness activities at home that can become a regular hobby or a form of relaxation for their mind and soul.

What is holistic elderly care? 

In the domain of caregiving, there are two approaches taken by home attendants and nurses providing elderly care services. 

The first one adheres to a comprehensive approach involving healthcare professionals, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and geriatric specialists. They all work coordinate and work together with the nurses and caregivers to ensure that the elderly person’s health requirements are met by providing them with the right diet, exercise routines, and medications.  

The second approach takes a humane and novel route by tending to the emotional and mental wellbeing of the elderly person. Contrary to the first method, where they are treated more like patients or people with physical ailments, this new approach creates a support system or mechanism which helps elderly people to age with happiness.  

Experts suggest that more than caring about the physical health outcomes and goals of elderly people, their well-being is directly connected to their emotional and mental health. If they do not have the will to get better, no medicine or diet will work.  

The holistic approach in old age care services is an extremely sensitive one as caregivers have to take into account the lifestyle, comfort, and spiritual beliefs of the elderly person before conducting any form of holistic wellness activities.  

What are the types of holistic wellness activities suitable for elderly people? 

Anvayaa’s nurses and home are experts in conducting holistic activities that ensure the mental and emotional wellness of elderly people. These activities are conducted to improve the quality of living amongst elderly people.  

Let us look at some of these activities : 


Home attendants for the elderly can help them to inculcate into the hobby of journaling. Writing a journal is a simple yet effective holistic activity that seniors can do from the comfort of their homes. Journaling is a potent way through which older adults can express their emotions and feelings. Writing helps them to cope with their sadness, stress, and anxiety. Geriatric researchers have recommended journaling for senior citizens to purge any form of negative emotions.  

2.Playing or keeping a pet 

Many older adults suffer from the empty-nest syndrome as they were once used to taking care of their children. Unless there are no allergies or health concerns, home attendants can help the elderly to foster a rescued pet and nurture them. If that is not possible, taking them to pet cafes or pet parks can also be helpful.  Playing with animals or owning a pet can help them cope with depression and give them a purpose to do something even in their old age.  


Gardening is a nurturing holistic activity that is often underestimated by many. However, it can be beneficial for the emotional and physical health of elderly people. 

Through gardening, seniors get to create something of their own and nurture it. The satisfaction that comes from growing building something with their own hands helps in the release of dopamine and endorphins, thereby boosting their mood. Home-attendants can coordinate with physiotherapists to help elderly people build a backyard or kitchen garden where they can grow fruits or flowers and even get some light exercises done.  

4.Pursuing fine or creative arts 

In old age care services, nurses need to ensure that holistic wellness activities also bring the elderly people leisure and joy. Hence, letting them pursue activities in the domain of music, painting, or dancing can be beneficial. All these activities have a cathartic effect as they foster creativity. Elderly adults can express their emotions much better through paintings or by singing a song. 

5.Massages and meditation 

Massages and meditation are important holistic activities that help in older adults’ physical and emotional well-being. Home-attendants can coordinate with professionals in these respective fields to conduct the activities at home. Both massages and meditation help in body pain-relief and coping with tension and stress.  

Anvayaa’s holistic care activities help in transforming and improving the emotional health of elderly people from the comfort of their homes.

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