How Anvayaa Helps In Providing Hassle-Free Physiotherapy Services At Home? 

Studies have said that a majority of elderly people living in metro cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad have severe mobility issues and are in need of high-quality home care physiotherapy services.  

Home care nurses attending to elderly patients have observed that most of them are reluctant to leave the house and go to a clinic to avail physiotherapy services. The sedentary lifestyle and the dependency on a family member to take elderly people for their appointments add to the roadblock.  

Many elderly people also feel that at a clinical set-up, they are treated as patients with the illness. This lowers their morale. Also, physiotherapists at hospitals and clinics have a loaded schedule and can devote a limited time to each patient. Hence, many elderly people feel restricted from discussing their problems.  

In metro cities, there is an urgency for hassle-free and quality physiotherapy services at home.  Anvayaa understands this pressing need of elderly patients; therefore, it provides expert homecare physiotherapy services in both metro and tier 1 cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pune, and Vizag.  

Let us look at how these homecare physiotherapy services are made hassle-free for elderly people:

1.Can be conducted anytime 

One of the issues that elderly people face is that they have to get physiotherapy services at a stipulated time from hospitals and clinics. The sessions are always conducted as per the availability of the specialists. If they are canceled by either the doctor or the patient, getting an appointment at a convenient time is not always possible.  

Anvayaa eliminates this challenge by providing the flexibility of conducting home care physiotherapy services as per the convenience of the patient.  

The physiotherapists can be booked according to the schedule of the patient and specialists. This also eliminates the problem and confusion in rescheduling appointments. 

2.Setting reminders 

Many times, elderly people forget about their physiotherapy appointments. They might be living alone or have auditory issues to make a call to confirm the sessions. At Anvayaa’s hassle-free home care physiotherapy services, elderly people get notifications and reminders about the upcoming sessions. Even if the appointments are cancelled or rescheduled, updates are generated automatically on the patient’s phone or via patient caretakers provided by Anvayaa. This automation of reminders and notifications help patients to manage their time and not miss physiotherapy sessions that can improve their physical well-being and increase mobility. 

3.Getting a second opinion 

Elderly patients living alone or with family often depend on their family physicians or the internet to get quality home care physiotherapy services. However, it leads to disappointments as it might be expensive, or the physiotherapist might not understand the problem of the patient.  

At Anvayaa, we ensure that elderly people get the best physiotherapy services at home by offering second opinions. This becomes even more important for those senior citizens who require physiotherapy sessions post-surgery.  

Our healthcare team is already ready to facilitate a second opinion with specific physiotherapists to understand the problem of the patient better. These sessions are at an affordable cost, and the decision is upon the comfort of the elderly person or their family members.  

4.Specialised care 

After surgeries, senior people need home care physiotherapy services to get back to an active lifestyle or regain their mobility. Different surgeries affect the mobility of different organs and body parts. Hence, the same physiotherapy sessions and exercises cannot be pertaining to every patient in the path of post-surgery recovery.  

Anvayaa understands this need and has specialised physiotherapists to conduct sessions at home.  

For instance, if the elderly person needs physiotherapy after heart surgery, we will allocate a specialist who understands the recovery journey of such patients and conducts the sessions accordingly from the comfort of the home.  

5.Priority Care 

When physiotherapy sessions occur in a clinical or a hospital setup, the specialists and nurses already have a fully packed-up caseload of elderly patients who require physiotherapy.  

Each case is different and requires prioritised attention; however, in the constriction of time, elderly people cannot discuss their problems or get solutions for them. There is a rush to finish the sessions within a stipulated time period.  

However, with Anvayaa’s home care physiotherapy services, prioritised physiotherapy sessions are ensured by our specialists.  

The elderly person can openly discuss their pain points and difficulty doing the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist. If the sessions need more time, it is possible to extend it as the physiotherapists will not have continuous patients coming for appointments. There is no rush to finish the sessions, which benefits both the elderly person and their physiotherapists.  

Also, during the physiotherapy session at home, the patients’ progress can be discussed in detail. If there need to be any changes in the exercise routine, both parties can mutually agree upon that without any hesitancy.  

Lastly, home care physiotherapy services happen in a familiar environment with the constant support of family members. The elderly person gets motivated, unlike in hospitals where they feel disinterested by being gathered around people with ailments. 

With Anvayaa, affordable and quality physiotherapy services at home are possible in cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Vizag, Pune and Bengaluru 

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