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Aging comes with its challenges and problems. Aging is an inevitable phase of a person’s life. The elderly face so many physiological and mental changes as they age. The elderly are vulnerable sections of society as they require extra care and compassion to deal with the physical changes. Physiotherapy can be a great help to deal with the physical changes at an advanced age. In modern times, there are so many facilities available for the elderly to cope with the physical changes related problems. There are so many organizations that provide physiotherapy services at home in India and across the world.

According to the Population Census 2011, there are about 103 million persons aged 60 years or above in India. Around 52 millions of them are females and 50 million males. Fifty-three million females and 51 million males. As per the report released by the United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India, the graph of the elderly persons is expected to soar to 172 million by 2026.

Some of the age-related changes include

  • Reduced bone density
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Increased body fat 
  • Poor coordination 
  • Stiff joints
  • Brittle Bones
  • Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Reduced Self-dependency

Aging is an inevitable part of a human being’s life. Physiotherapy is not a magic wand that can reverse the aging process, but it can make the physical and mental challenges of aging relatively easier.

Significance of Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is a medical skill that has to be acquired by extensive training and studying the physiological processes of the human body. Physiotherapists are trained and skillful physicians who know each physiological activity and its impact on the human body. 

Physiotherapists can make the elderly confident about their movements by zeroing on their problems. Physiotherapists have the experience and understanding to handle all physiotherapy related issues in the elderly. They can handle their emotional mood swings and physical challenges with expertise.

How Physiotherapist Plan a session:

Each Physiotherapy Home Service session is planned in advance whenever an elderly or his/her family is made an appointment. Physiotherapist plans as per the requirement of the patient as to which kind of treatment he/she requires. 

  • An appointment is taken after taking into consideration all necessary details of the patients like their medical history and all.
  • Timing is settled for the sessions.
  • It can be done at home or clinic.
  • As per the comfort level of the patient
  • An emotional connection established between the elderly and the physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy can improve lots of things in the challenging lives of the elderly around us. Physiotherapy can help in:

  • Improving posture

With time the elderly, lose their right posture due to reduced bone density, which causes so many problems in their day to day movements. Physiotherapy can help in improving the posture of the elderly with various suited exercises.

  • Improving movement

First of all, aging impairs the movement of elderly and makes them dependent on others. Impaired mobility is the harshest sign of aging. It can not be cured completely, but it can be improved by a length with the help of physiotherapy. 

  • Improving balance and coordination

Older people experience lots of difficulties while maintaining their balance during walking or doing some basic physical movements. Physiotherapy sessions can improve a sense of balance and coordination. When the feeling of coordination and balance sets in, the confidence of elderly soars. 

  • Relieving pain in joints

Excruciating pain in joints is a big mood off for the elderly as they can’ help it. Stiff and brittle joints make it more challenging to carry on with daily tasks. Each physiotherapy session brings a sense of relief in terms of pain relief. Each session is designed to make the elderly comfortable and easy-going.

Physiotherapy for home visit can do wonders for the elderly. Anvayaa presents the best physiotherapy services at home across the country. Anvayaa physiotherapists are highly trained and skilled in dealing with the physiological issues of the elderly.


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