What do Property managers do? Here is how they can help

One of the biggest concerns for elderly citizens is about managing their properties when they give them out on rent. For those who have mobility issues or cognitive disorders, it becomes tedious for them to manage property taxes, as well as collect rent in time from the tenants. Often they are deceived by tenants because of their limitations. Also, not paying taxes on time leads to penalties. For NRI citizens, it is more of a hassle. Local brokers or caretakers often default without giving them any updates. There is also the factor of trustworthiness while bestowing the managerial duties of one’s property. 

Anvayaa understands these challenges and is trying to bridge the gap with their exclusive property management services for NRIs.

Let us look at what these property managers do to make property management for NRIs seamless and hassle-free:

  • Managing and payment of taxes

Our property management services for NRIs makes also the administrative work hassle-free. The property managers ensure that the owners are duly reminded of their tax dues or any legal formality. If needed, they also take the ad-hoc responsibility of paying the taxes and ensuring all the details are updated to the owners.

  • Due update of information

One of the challenges faced by elderly citizens who stay abroad or their NRI children is that local caretakers cannot be trusted. Anvayaa’s trusted property managers are reachable for round-the-clock communication. You can follow up with them easily. They also share regular updates so that you can be at peace about your property

  • Property inspection

When it comes to property management services for NRIs, it is essential to bestow trust on that person who can take care of the property and inspect its condition, whether the property is leased or is vacant. Anvayaa’s team of property managers ensures your property is inspected regularly. They check if the tenants are keeping it clean without any damage. In case there are damages or repair work needed our property managers will update the owners and proceed with their instructions. 

  • Rental property management 

Staying far makes property management difficult for owners who have leased their property out for residential or commercial purposes. Our property managers make rental property management hassle-free. They ensure the damages are deducted from the safety deposit amount. They also manage and check if the tenants are duly paying the gas bills or the electricity bills. When the lease duration is up they also inform both the tenants and owners about it and pass on necessary information to both parties

  • Rent collection

Rent collection is an important source of revenue for property owners. Often with NRI property owners, their busy schedule limits them from checking up with the tenants to pay their rents on time. Many times, even tenants default on the payment and vacate the property. Property managers at Anvayaa ensure rent is paid on time and make a visit to the tenant’s place to inform them. In case of defaults, they also pass an eviction notice after the owners prescribe them to do so.

Property managers at Anvayaa ensure that their quality property management services for NRIs make their lives hassle-free and worry-free.

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