Senior Caretaker Services And Activities Carried Out  By Anvayaa 

There is a common saying that the care an infant needs from their parents, the same quality is what elderly people require to age with dignity. However, with a systemic gap present in the geriatric infrastructure of our country, we need more senior caretake service providers to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the elderly population.  

With young family members choosing for a nuclear family setup, elderly parents also require companionship and assistance to do their daily chores. However, with decreasing motor skills and limited mobility, their active life slowly starts to come to a stagnant pause. This aggravates the need for availing of senior caretaker services, especially for elderly people living alone in metro cities. 

Many children are willing to take care of their elderly parents; however, due to professional obligations, they have to move abroad or live in a different city. Getting updates on their parents’ well-being is quite difficult, especially during any emergency situation.  

Anvayaa understands the prevalent challenges and gaps present in India’s geriatric care system. Hence, it provides seamless and hassle-free senior citizen caretaker services.  

Our network of caretakers is proficient in carrying out activities that ensure the physical and emotional wellness of elderly people.  

These senior citizen’s caretaker services are provided within the comfort of the home, ensuring the priority and specialised care in a familiar environment and surroundings.  

Let us look at the different types of services and activities carried out by Anvayaa’s senior caretakers: 

1.Health test at home 

Sometimes it is difficult for elderly people to go to a pathology clinic to get blood or routine health tests. Anvayaa senior health caretaker service makes this process really seamless. The blood or any other simple pathological test can happen from the comfort of the home, and the results can be emailed or electronically sent to the elderly person.  

2.Delivery assistance  

The first few waves of the pandemic were extremely difficult for elderly people. Some of them live alone and are not tech-savvy to order groceries, food, medicines, and other essentials online.  

Anvayaa’s senior citizen caretaker services provide delivery assistance. Caretakers pick-up groceries and medicines, along with food and other essential items from stores and deliver them right to the doorstep of the elderly person’s home. This mitigates the risk of living without any essential supplies during any emergency situation. 

3.NRI property services 

Maintenance of a property for the elderly gets difficult if they are living alone or residing abroad. This situation is even more aggravated when the property is leased to tenants. Collection of rent from them or inspecting the property becomes difficult in the absence of a caretaker. If there is any administrative work needed, neither the family nor the elderly person is  updated about it.  

NRI property services are one of Anvayaa’s prominent senior caretaker service plans. Our network of property caretakers dedicatedly looks after the properties. They also assist in rent collection from the tenants and inspect any damage created by them to the property.  

The property caretakers also regularly update the owners in case there is any legal or administrative formality they have to address. In this way, the property is taken care and nuisances are prevented.  

4.Money management  

A large population of senior citizens are financially dependent on their children. If not, they use conventional modes of cash and visit the banks to pay for their daily expenses. During the pandemic, we saw how there was an unavailability of cash or the option to visit banks regularly. This unavailability of funds can  affect the daily life of the elderly person. However, Anvayaa helps to manage the payments and expenses through payment care plans.  

Our financially trained caretakers send reminders to the children to pay utility bills such as gas or electricity bills. They also handle a prepaid account to manage the daily expenses of the elderly person and handle any medical emergencies.  

This payment care plan and money management ensures that the elderly person can live with dignity and without the hassle of accounting every expenditure.  

5.Emergency care 

Anvayaa senior citizen caretaker service includes providing assistance during any medical emergency situation. Our care managers and nurses are prompt in their actions which has led to saving 97 per cent of lives during medical emergencies and also reducing the chances of hospitalisations. They also provide 24 hours real-time updates to family members in situations to avoid panic.  

Care managers also provide 24*7 urgent care services and assist elderly people in following their medical care plan prepared by the doctors.  

Anvayaa’s senior caretaker services are affordable and accessible now only in metro cities but also in tier 1 towns. Our patient caretakers and nurses provide prioritised care and assistance to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of the elderly. Our care plans have a holistic approach and go beyond just generic geriatric care services.

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