Types of home health care services in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India. The city has a large population, and elderly people are a part of it. Most young family members in the city are running fast to be scheduled to earn a living. There is no time to sit and wait. This makes the elderly people deprived of care at home. Anvayaa, with a pan-Indian presence, brings affordable and professional home health care services in Mumbai. 

These home health care services offered by Anvayaa provide physical and emotional support to the elderly citizens of Mumbai.  

Let us look at some of these Home Health care services in Mumbai that elderly people can avail themselves easily: 

      1. Nursing Care 

One of the most pertinent home health care services that elderly people need for the wellbeing of their health is nursing care. Anvayaa has expert nursing professionals in Mumbai who provide quality services under doctors’ consultation. They monitor the health of the elderly patients, take care of their hygiene requirements, administer medicines, etc. Nursing care services can be for long-term or short-term purposes depending on the need of the elderly patient.

     2. Post-operative care 

Many elderly patients are susceptible to injury and fatigue after surgery. Hence, efficient post-operative care services at home are offered by Anvayaa in Mumbai. The caregivers are appointed to change the wound dressings of the patient, assist them in their movement, administer medicine,  and take care of the nutrition. Their primary role is to ensure that the elderly patient recovers quickly and safely. 

      3. Transportation services 

Many elderly patients in Mumbai cannot travel by public transport independently. If they have severe mobility issues, they need help from others to visit hospitals or go to the park. 

Anvayaa has professional caregivers who offer transportation services to and fro from the home of the elderly patient. Whether it is dropping them at the hospital or for a stroll in the park, they can depend on these transportation services. 

      4. Companionship services 

Sometimes elderly people need emotional support and companionship to feel rejuvenated in life and find purpose. With companionship care services at home, their physical and emotional wellness also gets improved.  

In Mumbai, most young family members have a busy schedule; hence, Anvayaa offers companionship care services that supervise the elderly people on their day-to-day chores. They also provide recreational services and accompany them to parks and doctor’s appointments.

       5. Occupational therapy services 

One of the Caretaker Agencies in Mumbai offered by Anvayaa is its occupational therapy services. The professional experts who provide occupational therapy services offer speech and physical therapy to improve their speech and movement after an injury.  

They also bathe and take care of the emotional and nutritional needs of patients with cognitive disabilities. 

Anvayaa offers affordable and accessible home health care services for the elderly people in Mumbai to get holistic care in their old age. 

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