What are the Benefits of Going to a Geriatric Specialist?  

Geriatric specialists are trained to deal with the specific health needs of elderly people. In India, there is a lack of medical infrastructure and health care specialists who provide care and cure for the ailments faced by senior people. After the pandemic, it has been even more imperative for family members to avail quality and specialized geriatric care for their elderly parents.  

Geriatric health specialists have a variety of roles, including coordinating care for multiple chronic conditions and helping with emotional support. Anvayaa, a leader in senior care in India, has a robust network of geriatric specialists who offer affordable medical care to elderly people in the comfort of their homes.  

How Does a Geriatric specialist Differ From a Regular Physician?  

As you might have guessed, a geriatric specialist is someone who specializes in the treatment of elderly patients. While most physicians are generalists and can treat all types of illness, a geriatric specialist has experience dealing with chronic diseases that affect older adults. This can include things like diabetes or hypertension—common conditions in older people—as well as other severe conditions such as heart failure and dementia.  

In addition to their training, geriatric specialists also have much more experience with the elderly population than most general practitioners do. They are trained to work on multiple health issues at once so they can provide comprehensive care for your elderly parents.  

What are the benefits of visiting a geriatric specialist?  

Medical care for senior people is as complex as an infant’s. With age, the functioning of the body slows down. Numerous complications affect visceral organs and the cognitive health of an elderly person. General healthcare specialists might not be able to resolve these health issues; hence it is essential to visit geriatric specialists. 

1.Geriatric specialists are equipped to deal with multiple chronic conditions.  

With age, visceral organs start to slow down, and immunity strength is lost, leading to elderly people getting inflicted with health problems such as heart diseases, urinary infections, and arthritis.   

Geriatric specialists are trained to deal with multiple chronic conditions. They have the knowledge and experience to treat a wide range of medical issues that affect older adults, including but not limited to:  

  • Heart disease  
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)  
  • Cancer  

Geriatric specialists focus on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. They work with patients to help them stay healthy and independent as they age.  

2.Geriatric specialists help to cure specific health problems of the elderly  

A geriatric specialist is a medical doctor specialising in diagnosing and treating the elderly. This can be done by addressing specific health problems that occur more frequently in older people, such as heart disease or cancer.  

Geriatric specialists are trained to treat these issues and other conditions common among seniors. They also have access to newer technologies, such as digital imaging machines. With experience and expertise, they can help to detect the diseases early and provide steps for treatments.  

3. Geriatric specialists coordinate with caregivers of the elderly  

 It’s important to know that geriatric specialists help with many aspects of elderly care planning and referrals to other specialists. They can also assist with case management, end-of-life planning, and caregiver support services.  

At Anvayaa, our nurses and elderly patient caretakers coordinate the progress of the senior patient’s health regularly with the geriatrician. From meal planning to medication management, every step of elderly health care is supervised by the geriatric specialist.  

4. Geriatric specialists provide emotional counselling to elderly people  

In addition to providing physical care, geriatric specialists also offer emotional support to their patients. This can be vital in helping the elderly cope with the loss of loved ones and loneliness. For example, if your elderly parent has lost their spouse after many years of marriage and you want them to feel better about it, a geriatric specialist can give them the kind of emotional counseling that would help them accept this new reality without feeling like they are losing themselves or giving up on life altogether.  

How do you find the right geriatric specialist for elderly people?  

Many family members of elderly people have trouble finding quality and affordable geriatric specialists. They are often recommended to visit general physicians to provide medical advice and care for their elderly parents.   

Anvayaa has taken steps to mitigate this challenge by connecting elderly people with experienced geriatric specialists.   

Whether it is taking care of cognitive health, nutritional health, or diabetic care, elderly people can consult with our recommended geriatric specialist to get prioritized medical care and suggestions; even from the comfort of their homes.   


In conclusion, geriatric specialists are well equipped to treat and care for senior people with multiple chronic conditions. They work to prevent diseases and improve the overall health of elderly people by coordinating with caregivers and providing emotional counseling.   

Geriatric specialists coordinate with caregivers of elderly people to give them more information about their conditions and discuss ways to cure them together. Geriatric specialists provide emotional counseling to elderly people suffering from depression or other mental illnesses because it helps them cope better during difficult times in life.  

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